Hermès Jypsière31 In Rubis

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Can I just say, of all the Hermès bags I’ve yet to own, the Jypsiére ranks pretty high on that list? Sure, my bag obsessions come and go, sometimes even overnight, but with this one it has been definitely ongoing for a while now. So why haven’t I gotten myself one of the most iconic bags from the French luxury house yet, introduced by Jean-Paul Gaultier way back in 2008?

Well, for one, it’s the price, which keeps getting higher and higher with each year and I keep kicking myself for not biting the bullet moons ago when I had the chance. Secondly, I’ve heard that as organised as it is on the inside, it’s not the easiest design to get your stuff in and out of, especially when you’re on the move. Lastly (and most importantly), it’s the colour. Black would be too commonplace, grey would be playing it safe, and the one above, in Rubis (GBP5270 for the 28 and GBP5820 for the 31) from this season certainly is alluring but it just isn’t me. In other words, even if I can get over reasons (or in this case, the first and second excuses), the colour has to be just right for me to commit.


All the colours in the world, just not the one I want. In other words, if anyone has seen a Jypsiére in Canopee (a stunning olive green) anywhere, do let me know. Thanks.

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You are here: Home / Editorial / Exclusive: Wanessa Back by Henryk in ‘The Exploration’ EXCLUSIVE: WANESSA BACK BY HENRYK IN ‘THE EXPLORATION’


MLM Skirt, Lonely Bra, Next Jacket, Petite Grand Choker, Lucy Folk Gold Bangle, Reliquia Rings and Sash stylist’s ownMLM Skirt, Lonely Bra, Next Jacket, Petite Grand Choker, Lucy Folk Gold Bangle, Reliquia Rings and Sash stylist’s own

Wanessa Back graces our pages for the first time in an exclusive photographed by Henryk. The Brazilian model reaches for the stars in a shoot titled, ‘The Exploration’. Stylist Leda Ross selects a mix of embellished jackets, velvet dresses and ruffled looks. Wanessa goes from the back of a motorbike to a star-filled sky in the eclectic portraits. For beauty, Rachel Montogomery creates the blonde’s wavy tresses and barely there makeup.


Wanessa Back photographed by HenrykWanessa Back photographed by HenrykDyspnea Jacket, Loney Bra and Rebecca Balance Velvet PantsDyspnea Jacket, Loney Bra and Rebecca Balance Velvet PantsWanessa Back photographed by HenrykWanessa Back photographed by HenrykKaliver White Dress and Ted Baker JacketKaliver White Dress and Ted Baker JacketNext JacketNext JacketMLM Skirt, Lonely Bra, Next Jacket, Petite Grand Choker, Lucy Folk Gold Bangle, Reliquia Rings and Sash stylist’s ownMLM Skirt, Lonely Bra, Next Jacket, Petite Grand Choker, Lucy Folk Gold Bangle, Reliquia Rings and Sash stylist’s ownStevie May Dress & Ginger and Smart Feather VestStevie May Dress & Ginger and Smart Feather VestGrace Loves Lace Top, Shieke Velvet Dress and Acler JacketGrace Loves Lace Top, Shieke Velvet Dress and Acler JacketTalulah Dress and Next BagTalulah Dress and Next BagThurley Dress, Petite Grand Choker and Alex Monroe Gold NecklacesThurley Dress, Petite Grand Choker and Alex Monroe Gold NecklacesNext JacketNext JacketGrace Loves Lave Top, Shieke Velvet Dress and Acler JacketGrace Loves Lave Top, Shieke Velvet Dress and Acler Jacket

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Frances Bean Cobain at Marc Jacob's Fall 2017 runway show. Photo: Jared Siskin/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Frances Bean Cobain at Marc Jacob's Fall 2017 runway show. 

Who do you have to be to get the likes of rock-god offspring Frances Bean Cobain, all-American sweetheart Mandy Moore and rap industry royalty Lil' Kim in the same (granted, very spacious) room? Marc Jacobs, I guess, who did just that — and, at the risk of sounding like a 60-second infomercial, more! — at his Fall 2017 runway show on Thursday. The designer has been known to assemble quite the epic front row crew season and season, tapping into his hefty rolodex of famous friends in the fashion, music, art and entertainment worlds. This time around, he included, among others, Cobain, Moore, Lil' Kim, Lottie Moss, Amanda Peet, Vic Mensa, Zosia Mamet, Sara Sampaio, Kiersey Clemons, Juno Temple, Sabrina Carpenter and Katy Perry. (There's a lovely little caveat here, though. Arranging his seating into one long line of folding chairs without rows made it so that everyone was in the front row. Aw.)

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Help Me Choose a Weekend Bag I’ll Use for a Lifetime!

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[Editor’s Note: We love to hear from readers about their handbag questions and shopping conundrums, and when possible, we love to answer on the site. To submit your question to Ask PurseBlog for consideration

Reader Kate writes:

I would like to make a lifetime investment on a weekend leather bag. I’m looking for something light. With the choice of LV Keepall Ban 55, Goyard Boeing 55, or Dunhill Weekend Holdall, I’m not sure which one should I go with. With your experience, which one of these choices should I go with?

In some areas of accessories (day bags, for example), it’s fun to pick up a new bag or two a couple times a year, but in other areas, you want to go one-and-done, to borrow a sports term. Most types of larger luggage are in that group, and that extends to weekend bags, which are a workhorse of any wardrobe. The three you’ve picked are all exceptional; you can’t go wrong no matter which way you go, in my opinion. Each has its own advantages, though. Let’s see where we’re at with all three:

Dunhill Duke Weekend Holdall Bag

This choice is the most expensive of the group, and it’s by the brand that’s the least well-known. That’s not necessarily a mark against it, though; Dunhill has been around for over a hundred years and makes gorgeous products that are worth they money the company charges, and there’s something to be said for choosing a bag that won’t call as much attention to itself for travel.

Goyard Boeing 55 Bag
$3,940 via Goyard

There’s just something about Goyard, isn’t there? For a major accessories brand with locations around the globe, it sure is elusive. A great thing about the Boeing is how many ways the brand can hand-customize it for you, and if you plan to do that, then I might be swayed in its direction. At this price point, though, I’d personally want to go all-leather, and Goyardine is coated canvas. It’s still very strong and makes for a wonderful travel bag, but in the mid-four figures, I want leather, personally.

Louis Vuitton Holdall Bandouliere 55 Bag

When it comes time for me to get my own lifetime travel bag, I’m going to get a Louis Vuitton Keepall, and that’s what I’d recommend for you as well. I’d advise anyone to skip the traditional LV monogram on this bag for either Damier or one of the brand’s leathers, depending on price point. Not only does this bag come in the most potential material and color options of the three, which allows you to get something that really fits your style and personality, but Louis Vuitton’s travel bags are widely recognized as excellent. For a full leather bag, they’re also a much better value than the company’s everyday handbags.

Another aspect I like is that the brand’s stores are the most widely accessible of the three, and if you intend to use the bag for years to come, you’ll likely need it repaired or refreshed at some point, which is easiest if you can just drop it off at the store to be sent out. Weekenders are workhorses, after all.

Which one would you go with? Let us (and Kate!) know in the comments.

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Hermès Mini Dog Bracelet Collection

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If you think you’ve pretty much exhausted Hermès as far as their bracelets are concerned, think again. Feast your eyes on the new Mini Dog collection, a collection of miniature leather bracelets that come finished in a variety of ways. For starters, there are the plain leather ones (Mini Dog Anneaux, middle row) that come in 4 sizes and come plated in gold or palladium.

Next we’ve got the Mini Dog Clous Ronds (the ones with the rounded studs) that come, well, embellished with rounded studs. Last but not least, check out the first row that comes with bracelets that are perforated (Mini Dog Perforations Carrées), and like the first two, also come in 4 sizes. Priced at GBP390, GBP370 and GBP280 respectively, you’ll be spoilt for choice as far as choosing the one that best fits your #wristparty.

Oh, and for those who prefer bracelets with a little more ‘meat’ on the wrist, some styles come in double tour variations as well. Decisions, decisions, right?

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See by Chloe Boho Cape Coat, Lace Long Sleeve Dress (just seen) and Patchwork Lois Shoulder BagCover up in style – See by Chloe Boho Cape Coat, Lace Long Sleeve Dress (just seen) and Patchwork Lois Shoulder Bag

Get ready to embrace the bohemian trend with See by Chloe’s resort 2017 collection. Now arriving at Shopbop, the retailer launches a lookbook starring model Laura Love. From ponchos to denim to embellished tweed, these pieces stand out in a desert landscape. The See by Chloe girl finishes her look with platform sandals and patchwork shoulder bags. Discover more from the resort line below.


See by Chloe Denim Pocket Dress, Patti Backpack and Bill Lace Up Sandals

Embrace a denim takeover – See by Chloe Denim Pocket Dress, Patti Backpack and Bill Lace Up SandalsSee by Chloe Embellished Poplin Blouse, Ruffle Culotte Shorts, Patchwork Lois Shoulder Bag and Glyn Espadrille Wedge Sandals

Boho gets ladylike – See by Chloe Embellished Poplin Blouse, Ruffle Culotte Shorts, Patchwork Lois Shoulder Bag and Glyn Espadrille Wedge Sandals

See by Chloe Embellished Dress and Eva Platform Sandals

The little black dress gets updated – See by Chloe Embellished Dress and Eva Platform SandalsSee by Chloe Tie Neck Blouse and Tweed Skirt

Stand out in an embellished skirt – See by Chloe Tie Neck Blouse and Tweed Skirt

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