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Jason Wu has stepped back into the accessories arena, and this time he's done it with a gorgeously simple, very grown-up backpack.

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Banned for overspending this year? Or you’re just on a tight budget? Well no worries, it’s either Chanel Graffiti Backpackretailing for $3000 USD or the Karl Lagerfeld Backpack for $500 USD.

It felt like there was an earthquake shaking in the fashion world when Chanel introduced the graffiti backpack. It was a bold move, well ahead of the trend or maybe they started the trend.

Backpacks were never fashionista’s favorite accessories, they were just not the ‘thing’, especially when you’re used to carrying bags on your hands. But backpacks can be handy – they are easy to carry on your shoulder, light weighed even when it’s overloaded.

The NEW Karl Lagerfeld Leather Backpack seems to be overly simple; it’s great if you don’t want to attract too much attention like the Chanel Graffiti Backpacks do. The first name of Mr. Lagerfeld has been printed on the front, it reads: ‘KARL’.

A great comfortable backpack with a grown-up look. You can carry it to school or even for work, pack your MAC book pro inside and all your daily needs. Put some jeans on if you want to go casual.

It has a neat rounded shape, crafted from black cow leather, it also comes with a dust bag. Measuring 11.5’ x 14.25’ x 5.5’ (W x H x D) inches.




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The Gucci Soho Collection is well known for its Gucci Soho Leather Disco Bag. As you can see, you can recognize a Soho by its GG printed logo placed on the center. This is the backpack version of the Soho bag.

At first look, one can already feel the elegance of this backpack despite its simplicity. The resistant and textured black leather is refined and polished, while the golden chain straps add a touch of panache making it more charming in our eyes.

This lovely Gucci Soho Leather Backpack is ideal for those lazy walks in the park. For travelers, you’ll find it convenient to take anywhere you go especially when you hop on and off the trains and buses abroad.

One thing you need to pay attention to is the golden chain strap on the back that functions are a shoulder wear. Golden chain on backpack seems to be the new trend, but on the other hand, that’s quite obvious. This is not an ordinary backpack, it’s a designer backpack and everything needs to be a level higher and more luxurious.

You will love this bag because its simple, either in single colors or bi-colors. And we all know backpacks are perfect for travelling as well, because it’s just so easy to wear.

The interior features a front zip pocket, open pocket and smartphone pocket. Measuring 22.5 x 31 x 9.5 (W x H x D) cm and is priced $1690 USD or €1390 euro at Gucci e-store.





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As an addition to the famous Longchamp Le Pliage Neo Bag collection, introducing the Le Pliage Neo Backpack.

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This collection was famous for the new Le Pliage Neo Tote Bag, which was recently introduced (a few years ago). The Le Pliage Neo Tote Bag was actually the modern version of the original Le Pliage Bag. It features the same iconic elements with beautiful handles and leather. It was made with an urban and more contemporary look, with high tech details that gives a modern and trendy feel.

And because the backpack is so-in right now, we needed to introduce you to the Le Pliage Neo Backpack.

It’s crafted with the same details as the Le Pliage Neo Tote Bag edition – giving it a chic, cosmopolitan, flexible and spacious look. This bag is perfect for the busy woman or the ladies with workaholic addiction. Crafted from satin nylon, it features a large compartment inside with padded straps and outer pocket with the line’s signature zip.

It comes in different colors, including the black. Measuring 11,75’ x 15,75’ x 7’ inches.





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Welcome to the Lockme Family, presenting the brand-new backpack made by Louis Vuitton. In short, everything what you need is packed in this beauty and… it got style!

Unlike all the other backpacks you’ve seen so far, the Louis Vuiton Lockme Backpack is one of a kind. And we will explain why?

Crafted from supple leather and bearing the discreet LV Twist Lock signature on the front flap, how can you not love this new fresh shape?

The two little leather threads are not only for decoration purpose, but they have a function as well. However, I like how they are hanging – playful.

Lightweight and feminine, it is a youthful daily companion for the active woman. Carry it for school or when you’re on holiday. It is comfortable to use for work as well – it is chic and luxurious enough.

The single colors make it easy for you to choose, but there are bi-colors available as well. And I love the combination of beige and blue. It’s unique but the two colors blend flawlessly together, and it gives a relaxing appeal.

So who needs a backpack?

Measuring 8.7′ x 11′ x 5.1′ (L x H x W) inches, priced at $2840 USD, €1980 euro or £1600 GBP via Louis Vuitton boutique.

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If you’re a sucker for cutesy, animated designs, the Fendi Monster Backpack is the one for you! Truly a strong wolf in dyed sheep shearling fur, this backpack is about to rock your world with its unique design, quality material and amazing structure. Sometimes, the unconventional choice makes the most sense in fashion, and what a great way to spruce up any drab wardrobe than with this exciting piece?

The Fendi Monster Backpack makes a statement with its furry exterior, its leather trim and accents and top handles with eye-catching stud details. It has adjustable backstraps, so you could wear it as close to you (or as loose) as you would want. It even has a neat exterior front zip pocket, so you could have more room for your essentials. Truly a winner!

This bag is up for grabs at $3450 USD, or £2210 GBP, available via Bergdorf Goodman e-store.

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