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And when we thought that it couldn’t get any smaller.

The Tod’s D-Cube Coin Bag.

It has shrunken so much that it can’t be seen as a ‘handbag’ anymore.

And oh how I love ‘petite’ handbags.

An addition to the D-Cube Bag Collection, it’s one of Tod’s classic line. Everything is made from exquisite leather, handpicked and crafted with care and love.

It’s a clone of the larger size and all the elements are there, like the contrast-color panels on side, hand-dyed pipings, round twin handles, even the magnetic button is copied.

Tiny but super cute, it will probably not fit your iPhone, but it’s certainly a ‘must have’ so be sure to put it on your wish list. Use it as a coin bag and hide it inside your favorite handbag.

We do not know the exact measurements yet, but it’s available in ocean blue, light blue and light pink. More information will be released soon.


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Loewe Berlingo Coin Purse

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Big decisions have been made at the headquarter of Loewe and not only their sites have been changed dramatically (less sophisticated with white background), also the new Fall Winter Collection lifted my eyebrows: ‘Where is Loewe going?’.

Modernized with Loewe’s logo printed all over the bags, by the way, have you spotted the new Loewe Amazona Bag with Anagrams Print yet? The Anagrams print is the new thing; if you love Loewe then you must adore this logo too. Ideal if you want to flaunt from your house to the main street.

But let’s talk about the new Loewe Berlingo Coin Purse first. As you might have noticed, we do not feature a lot ‘Coin Purse’. First I hate coins (they’re heavy and dirty), secondly nowadays everything fits nicely in a big wallet. But there are times that a coin purse can be handy, or you can take it as an extra accessory/fashion piece in your bag.

The Berlingo Coin Purse caught my attention – it’s the shape and colors that got me mesmerized. I love the clean design then finished with the Loewe logo stamp. The style is like a wrap, doesn’t it?

Crafted from smooth calfskin, refined with polished silver hardware, it’s measured 12,5 x 6,5 x 6 cm.


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Celine Coin Handbag

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I have an uncontrollable obsession for Celine, to more specific – for the Luggage tote.

For the Phantom Tote.

And for the Trapeze Bag (and the mini).

But there are times that I see a bag and start to ask: ‘What is that?’. And there’s nothing wrong with the design – it’s creative, it’s unique and impressive, I just wonder, how many times would you wear the Celine Triangle Heel in your casual days on the street?

Maybe it’s just made for the special occasions, when you need to kick your competition from the spotlights.

Anyways, apart from all the Celine Fall 2014 Bag Collection that we’ve shared so far, there is one more that you need to be aware of. It’s the Celine Coin Handbag.

We know how much you love small bags with shoulder and we understand the distinctive streamlined designs of Celine. The name ‘Coin’ is connected to the round golden hardware embellished in the center. This bag comes with a golden shoulder bag and it’s painted in the colors of Fall, like burgundy, black and for the coin clutch, it’s in brick-brown. Made from extremely soft leather, its lambskin. Now let us know, how much like would you give for this bag?


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