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People say: ‘When it works, do more of the same’. From what we’ve seen so far, the fashion industry is exploding with minis. Here’s a few recap:

The Louis Vuitton capucines BB tote, the Celine Mini Trapeze Bag, Hermes Mini Berline Bag and now, allow us to show you the Fendi Mini Be Baguette Bag.

Let us consume more information about the Be Baguette line. Because of its name, we think it’s the upgrade version of the classic Fendi Baguette Bag. Uhhh… how to explain? Like the Fendi 2jours tote and it’s followed by the Fendi 3jours tote, maybe very soon, we will meet the Fendi 1jours tote, how could is that?

The Fendi Be Baguette Bag is much bigger than the Baguette bag, measured from its size, pairing the medium next to the medium or the large to the large. And basically the Be Baguette in Medium (taking this size as an example) is a boxy shoulder bag with an extra compartment on the front flap.

But that all is now going to change, introducing the Fendi Mini Be Baguette Shoulder Bag, it’s now just one compartment and looks so much prettier in my opinion.

The iconic FF signature closure is much more vivid and glamorous. Embellished with interwoven leather and chain links, and the soft leather, I tell you, its pure craftsmanship.

For where to go? For work, evening, shopping, it’s has that classic look that will stay your favorite accessory forever. It’s definitely a substitute for the Chanel Extra Mini Classic Flap Bag, or is it not?

Measuring 8,25’ x 4,75’ x 2,5’ inches (W x H x D) with shoulder strap of 47’, priced at $1350 USD or €1210 euro.

Let us know what you think okay?






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Fendi Fall Winter 2014 Ad Campaign Part 2

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By the way, are you going to eat that?

By the way, can you grab that for me?

By the way, what are you doing tonight?

‘By The Way’, a phrase that we use occasionally to indicate that we are adding information when we speak. But it’s more than that, Karl Lagerfeld recently introduced a new tote bag, very unique, also in the way how it can be carried like a baby on your hand.

Because the Fall Winter 2014 Bag Collection is something that we should pay attention to, we thought you might want to look at a few more model pictures. The Fendi by The Way Bag in white and small size is an item that you must have in your wardrobe. It’s as beautiful as a white flower blossoming during the spring.

Then other iconic’s like the Fendi 2jours tote and the brand-new Fendi 3jours tote with shearling handles. The 3jours is presented in gorgeous blood-red and decorated with white handles.




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Fendi 3Jours White Tote

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Genuine Fendi-MilkWhite-3Jours-Tote-Bag-Front

One of the newest designs from Fendi is the Fendi 3Jours White Tote bag. This is actually a slightly modified version of the very popular Fendi 2Jours Tote. A simple and elegant design with refined and sleek lines, the Fendi 3Jours purse has a contemporary appearance due to its ample sides. When comparing it to its previous version, we notice that it offers extra comfort thanks to its longer handles and wider winged sides.

Replica Fendi 3Jours Front

I am a huge fan of large tote purses that have an elegant and refined appearance. This is why I love so much the looks of the Fendi 3Jours. It keeps it simple without compromising its natural sophistication. Like any other large size bag, it is very practical and suited for a very active and fulfilling lifestyle where you must jungle your personal life with your professional one, and everything in between. From shopping, taking your kids to the park to important business meeting, this impeccable purse will be right there with you, prepared to accommodate all your essentials. And let’s not forget, it is a bag that is very easy to carry around due to its longer handles which feel very natural on your shoulder.

Fendi 3Jours Replica Handbag Logo

This Fendi 3Jours White Tote is one of my newest replica purses.  It was bought online a couple of weeks ago and it has just arrived in the mail. At first, I wasn’t sure that choosing a combination of white and butter would be right for me, but now after actually seeing the bag I feel more and more confident in my decision. The grainy textured white leather that is used for the front and back side of the purse are nicely contrasted by the smooth buttery winged sides. Just like the original one, the bag is made from calf leather which creates a beautiful sense of sturdiness and helps the purse stand by its own without any creases, even when it is empty.

Fendi 3Jours Buttom

The shape of the bag is rectangular with a wider base. The top is outlined by metallic hardware plates that are discontinued in the middle. This part of the hardware is emailed at the outside and marked with the “Fendi” name on the top right, while all its other sides are gold color. Four  “D” rings are attached to the top hardware and this is also where the leather straps connect to the body of the bag, The handles are considerably longer than on a regular tote bag and this makes the purse very comfortable to wear on the shoulder. Also, the arched handles are stitched on both sides reinforcing their robustness. On one of the handles there is a leather string that ends with a gold color charm embossed with “Fendi” and almost entirely covered in leather.

Fendi Bag Side View

When the winged sides are tucked in, the bag looks very elegant and sleek, but when these sides are extended the overall look of the purse changes into a more practical and casual one. This is a very nice feature of the Fendi 3Jours White Tote replica as it allows you to accommodate large items and comfortably carry them around. It is the detail that offers functionality to this design and classifies it as a must bag.

Fendi 3Jours Tote Knockoff

Just like the authentic bag, this Fendi 3Jours replica has a snap tab closure. I am not too fond of bags that do not have a zipper closure and this implies certain vulnerability for your belongings, but at least the purse has an interior zip that is considerably large and can protect your most prized possessions. Furthermore, it also has two interior phone pockets and a removable luggage tag. By all means, it is a very modern bag designed for fashionable and powerful women.

Fendi 3Jours Replica Bag Interior

All Fendi 3Jours bags come with a suede lining at the inside, usually in a different color than the outside. The 3Jours line is based on contrasts and this implies both colors and fabrics. This is why at the outside we find robust white calf leather while at the inside there is a smooth brown suede fabric. The Fendi authenticity leather tags located at the interior of the bag are made from the same material as the winged exterior sides: white leather. There is one wide leather tag stitched all around and embossed with the Fendi name in the lower right side, and a small leather tag on the inner side of the bag.

Fendi 3Jours Tote Inside

The Fendi 3Jours replica bag is stitched with white threads at the outside and brown threads at the inside. This stitching is done in a color closer to the one of the dominating fabric. This keeps the clean look of the bag while accentuating its natural beauty. Also, all the stitches are carefully made, even spaced apart and without any loose threads or imperfections.

Fendi 3Jours Bag Imitation Close Up

The hardware is all gold color. The most important thing is that the craftsmanship of the metallic parts is very nicely done. The hardware has a particular nice shine and does not show any scratches or discolorations. Just like on the authentic purse, each piece of metal is marked with the Fendi name and logo. This contributes at the overall real look of the bag.

Fake Fendi 3Jours Bag Tag

The base of the bag has a squared wide shape. As the base is one of the most important parts of the bag, the one that hold all the weight, its sturdiness is enhanced by using five gold colored feet studs. These are rounded and each one is engraved with the Fendi name. Four of the studs are placed in the corners, and the fifth one is in the center of the base. Furthermore, there are two very noticeable stitches in the base of the Fendi 3Jours bag, one on each side.

Fake Fendi Bag Review

The Fendi 3Jours purse is the perfect example for how a city bag should be. It is classy, functional and practical. It can adapt to every carrying needs or events you must attend and you can always be sure of one thing: it will look fabulous each time. My Fendi 3Jours replica is no exception. It looks like the original purse and it has the same robustness.

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Fendi Flowerland Collection From Spring/Summer 2016

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Introducing the Fendi Flowerland Collection. The brand’s colorful collection is part of the Spring/Summer 2016 Collection. It includes Fendi’s iconic handbags such as the Dotcom, Peekaboo, By The Way and Baguette. Also part of the collection are bag accessories like the Strap You and bag charms. The bags and accessories features multicolored floral appliques in leather and python.

The Flowerland Collection also includes, shoes, brooches and scarves.




Fendi Flowerland Dotcom Bag $3,300.00 (USD)



Fendi Flowerland Peekaboo Medium Bag $7,250.00 (USD)
Fendi Python Flowerland Peekaboo Mini Bag $7,250.00 (USD)
Fendi Flowerland Micro Peekaboo Bag $1,650.00 (USD)

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Fendi Bag Versus: Dotcom Bag Versus Peekaboo Bag

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For this new version of Bag Versus, we have compared two Fendi handbags, the new Dotcom bag and the classic Peekaboo Bag. Both bags features a top handle with a structured shape. These two tote bags are perfect for everyday use with spacious interior and versatile design. Let’s check out the difference between the two.

Fendi Dotcom and Peekaboo Bags

Dotcom Bag

Fendi Dotcom Bag
The Fendi Dotcom Bag is the brand’s latest design. Introduced for the Resort 2016 Collection, its unique feature is the contrasting removable pouch which has a metal stud, visible on the bag’s exterior, hence the name Dotcom. This pouch can be used on its own, as a clutch bag. The Dotcom Bag includes a detachable shoulder strap. It has two zipped compartments and 2 internal flat pockets. It is currently only available in one size, which measures at 9.5″ H x 11.8″ W x 5.5″ D. Retails for $2,400.00 (USD).

Peekaboo Bag

The Fendi Peekaboo Bag has been one of the brand’s most popular designs. It first came out for Fendi’s Spring/Summer 2009 Collection. Even after seven years, the Peekaboo Bag has still remained its popularity. The Peekaboo comes in various sizes, Micro, Mini, Small, Medium and Large. It has been made available in different kinds of materials, Calfskin, Python, Fur, Shearling to name a few. The bag has a twist lock closure, and can be left open to reveal the bag’s interior which is also available in a variety of styles. It includes a single removable/adjustable shoulder strap. The Medium size measures at 10 ½” H x 15 ½” W x 6 ½” D and retails for $3,750.00 (USD) for the regular calfskin.
Fendi Peekaboo Bag


The Fendi Dotcom and Peekaboo Bags are both fashionable and functional tote bags. However, between the two, the Peekaboo wins the round. The Peekaboo Bag is an iconic piece, which has a classic and timeless design. The bag’s unique features make it a more stand out show piece than the Dotcom. Also, there is a variety of designs and sizes to choose from, depending on your style.

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Shine Bright This Season: Our Sparkly and Metallic Bag Picks

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With the holidays kicking off, we can’t help but search for a touch of bling that helps reflect our inner cheer. Luckily this year, the search won’t be too hard because “bling and shine” seem to be majorly in. It’s all about the sparkle right now – from metallics to glittery textures to full on crystal covered creations. PurseBop is here to help you shine bright this season! Explore sparkly and metallic bags from over 10 great designers in the eye candy below:

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen Knuckle Long Box Crystal Clutch – $2,495 via Bergdorf Goodman


Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin Loubiposh Studded Clutch – $1,195 via Barneys

Christian Louboutin Swarovski Crystal Embellished Suede Clutch – $2,995 via Saks Fifth Avenue

Christian Louboutin Sweet Charity Metallic Laser Cut Crossbody – $1,595 via Saks Fifth Avenue

img-thing (1)

CLOSE UP! Iconic, Luxe Christian Louboutin Red Interior

Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana Small Framed Sequined Clutch with Chain – $2,195 via Saks Fifth Avenue

Dolce & Gabbana Studded Laser-Cut Top-Handle Bag – $3,495 via Saks Fifth Avenue

img-thing (2)

Edie Parker

Edie Parker Jean Love Acrylic Clutch – $1,295 via Saks Fifth Avenue



Fendi Peekaboo Mini Beaded Dégradé Leather Satchel – $4,350 via Saks Fifth Avenue



Givenchy Embellished Bow Velvet Miniaudiere – $4,350 via Saks Fifth Avenue


Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo Ruby Glittered Shoulder Bag – $765 via Bergdorf Goodman

Jimmy Choo Sweetie Glittery Clutch – $750 via Bergdorf Goodman


Judith Leiber

Judith Leiber Couture Soap Dish Confetti Crystal Clutch – $3,695 via Neiman Marcus

Judith Leier Couture Coffered Rectangle Box Clutch – $3,195 via Neiman Marcus

NMV2PXJ_mk (1)


Moschino Star Leather Crossbody – $925 via Self Ridges


Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney Tiny Metallic Beaded Fold-Over Crossbody – $1,325 via Bergdorf Goodman

Stella McCartney Jeweled Minaudiere – $1,659 via Barneys


CLOSE UP – From bags to bling!

Tom Ford

Tom Ford Glittered Plexiglass Lipstick Box Clutch – $3,950 via Berdgorf Goodman

Alix Python Zip & Padlock Crossbody – $2,790 via Bergdorf Goodman


Go and light up the whole room!

Love PurseBop

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 4.48.47 AM

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