Hermès Jypsière31 In Rubis

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Can I just say, of all the Hermès bags I’ve yet to own, the Jypsiére ranks pretty high on that list? Sure, my bag obsessions come and go, sometimes even overnight, but with this one it has been definitely ongoing for a while now. So why haven’t I gotten myself one of the most iconic bags from the French luxury house yet, introduced by Jean-Paul Gaultier way back in 2008?

Well, for one, it’s the price, which keeps getting higher and higher with each year and I keep kicking myself for not biting the bullet moons ago when I had the chance. Secondly, I’ve heard that as organised as it is on the inside, it’s not the easiest design to get your stuff in and out of, especially when you’re on the move. Lastly (and most importantly), it’s the colour. Black would be too commonplace, grey would be playing it safe, and the one above, in Rubis (GBP5270 for the 28 and GBP5820 for the 31) from this season certainly is alluring but it just isn’t me. In other words, even if I can get over reasons (or in this case, the first and second excuses), the colour has to be just right for me to commit.


All the colours in the world, just not the one I want. In other words, if anyone has seen a Jypsiére in Canopee (a stunning olive green) anywhere, do let me know. Thanks.

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Hermès Mini Dog Bracelet Collection

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If you think you’ve pretty much exhausted Hermès as far as their bracelets are concerned, think again. Feast your eyes on the new Mini Dog collection, a collection of miniature leather bracelets that come finished in a variety of ways. For starters, there are the plain leather ones (Mini Dog Anneaux, middle row) that come in 4 sizes and come plated in gold or palladium.

Next we’ve got the Mini Dog Clous Ronds (the ones with the rounded studs) that come, well, embellished with rounded studs. Last but not least, check out the first row that comes with bracelets that are perforated (Mini Dog Perforations Carrées), and like the first two, also come in 4 sizes. Priced at GBP390, GBP370 and GBP280 respectively, you’ll be spoilt for choice as far as choosing the one that best fits your #wristparty.

Oh, and for those who prefer bracelets with a little more ‘meat’ on the wrist, some styles come in double tour variations as well. Decisions, decisions, right?

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The Hermes Tutti Frutti Collection for their Spring/Summer 2016 Campaign was something people looked forward to. With its bright, fun, and bold fruit inspired small leather goods, it was able to accessorize most of the ‘it’ bags in the market. Without further ado, we are introducing this particular citrus goodie: the Hermes Tutti Frutti Orange Charm.

This Orange Charm is the one thing you’ll be reaching for before heading out the door since it gives a splash of color to your favorite go-to bag. Made from Chevre and Pointe-Mizoru with silver plated palladium finish, this one will certainly make your whole bag outfit a little bit more fun.

Style code H070656CKAA, measuring 8.5 x 8 cm, priced at ¥100440 JPY

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Shop a Big Selection of Rare Hermès Bags at Heritage Auctions’ Latest Moda Operandi Trunk Show

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We’ve previously talked about the Hermes Passant Long Wallet and now we’re going to feature the normal and shorter version of it. If you’re intimidated by long and quite bulky wallets, fret not for the normal version of the Hermes Passant Wallet is here to save you from your wallet woes.

The Passant Wallet has long won our hearts and this time its normal version made us swoon all over it the second time around. Ah, Hermes never fails to pull our heartstrings thus making us giddy all the time.

The beautiful structure of this wallet is one thing to swoon over but its the multi-functionality and practicality to it that made it to our list. Made from Evercolor or Epsom calfskin, it features a leather loop and flap. Now you might be asking what’s with the flap? Well, it simply tucks into the loop to secure the wallet. It’s as easy and as simple as that.

Looking inside, this wallet has four credit card slots and a change purse. Measuring 14.5 x 9 cm, the Hermes Passant Wallet in Epsom Calfskin is priced at €1200 euro, £1050 GBP, and the price for Evercolor Calfskin is €1250 euro, £1050 GBP via Hermes boutiques.




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Hermes Arrives at CityCenterDC

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This week the Washington Post took a page from the NYT Style Section and published a story on the opening of the new Hermes boutique on April 29 in the nation’s capital at CityCenterDC. CityCenterDC is where all the fashion action is these days, with LV, Dior and Carolina Herrera boutiques opening in the next year. So much for the fiscal crisis!

But you won’t see any technology in this new store. As the writer of the story puts it eloquently, “Hermes traffics in slow fashion in an impatient, buy-it-off-the-runway, want-it-now culture. Babies are conceived and born in less time than it takes for a dedicated customer to acquire a Birkin handbag…” PurseBop wholeheartedly agrees, in fact Maura, frequent contributor to the blog, could’ve written that and no one would’ve batted an eye!

Hermes stands alone in modern retail, capable of maintaining the reverence and awe of a legion of loyal shoppers, no matter the item, no matter the price point. Who else would be able to pull off selling a monthly mystery box for $250 and making money off of the scraps of their labor??? The mystery box contains a Petite h that takes leftover fabric and pieces with slight imperfections and turns them into unique items that sit outside of a fashion season. They are offered through an email blast and have become very popular and are an ideal way to keep consumers’ attention.


Hermes is a “contrarian company” because it doesn’t bother itself with Twitter and enhanced websites and keeping up with social media trends. That’s PurseBop’s job anyway!

“Hermes is in a special place all to itself. They have coveted their rarity and they had to do it with all the temptations that a brand faces. They didn’t know which way things were going to go (in the luxury market), but they knew who they were.”

PurseBop couldn’t agree more!

Hermes is redefining luxury in an era of frivolity and false connectivity.


I was able to score a little souvenier for myself to satisfy yet more of my #AnemoneCraving, all instigated by the addition of Miss Boptalk… (Part I &  Part II)

 I shall REVEAL my treasure soon over on BopTalk… any guesses?

IMG_1534 (1) - Version 2

Till then I leave you drooling over this diamond pave CDC 	<p class=Tags: Hermes

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