Nicole Richie's House of Harlow to Launch Handbags in the Fall

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Those looking to expand their boho-chic repertoire will be excited to hear Nicole Richie is expanding her House of Harlow 1960 line to include handbags come Fall. Like the rest of her offerings, the 14-piece collection draws influence from the '70s with items ranging from a red crocodile-printed clutch to a taupe pony-hair hobo. Additionally, look forward to casual luxe details like vintage leather, calf hair, fringe, toggles, studs, and even crystallized jaguar head hardware, which Richie states as one of her favorite animals. 

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Will your next handbag be a work of art? Marc Quinn’s hyperrealist art can now be found on Lady Dior handbags

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Dior by Marc Quinn (2)

Last week, Dior celebrated two important events, the launch of their home label and the opening of their four story London shop. The store is Dior’s largest in all of the UK, and retails‘women’s and men’s universes, leather accessories, jewelry, timepieces, the children’s collections and Baby Dior, with the exclusive addition of the first Dior HOME.’ To celebrate this milestone store opening, Dior will unveil a limited-edition selection of iconic Lady Dior bags and small leather accessories that have been reimagined by the artist Marc Quinn.

Quinn has breathed a new life into iconic Dior pieces by transposing his hyper real artwork onto the French brand’s classic handbags. The artist’s well known works make Dior’s bags into dramatic accessories.

Dior by Marc Quinn1
The Lady Dior “Fossil Record” bag. The floral motifs represent flowers that are eternally trapped in a state of perfect full bloom. The concept references the desire of man to totally control nature.

Dior by Marc Quinn (3)
Bags with a bright blue iris from Quinn’s series ‘We Share Our Chemistry with the Stars’. Quinn stated that “the word ‘iris’ comes from the Greek word for ‘rainbow’, and the colors celebrate individuality.” He added “In the middle, there’s the black void of the pupil, which recalls the mystery and uncertainty of existence.”

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The collection also includes small leather goods. This piece features an orchid from the collection, “In the Night Garden.”

The colors of the flower and background are reversed on the other side of the same card holder.

There’s a lot to love and admire in this collection if you’re a fan of either Quinn or Dior. We don’t know how many pieces each item in the collection is limited to, but we do know that every item is sure to sell out quickly.

Artist collaborations seem to be popular these days. Not long ago, Jeff Koons created some stylish phone cases for Google.

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Discover Gucci's New Hold-Forever Handbags

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Kooky Handbags That Will Make You LOL

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The fashion industry can take itself so seriously, so we love spotting any hint of humor on the runways, and this past Fashion Week had wit and whimsy in the bag, literally. From regular It bag designers like Anya Hindmarch and Olympia Le-Tan to consistently clever brands likeChanel, Moschino, and Kate Spade New York, we loved all the arm candy that the Fall 2015 runways had to offer. Here, 30 of our favorites.

Chanel Fall

Garbage Bag

Anya Hindmarch Fall

Under Lock and Key

Moschino Fall 

Hands in the Air Like You Just Don't Care

Orla Kiely Fall


Dolce & Gabbana Fall 


Moschino Fall

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Boy Chanel introduced Chanel luxury new handbags

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The world’s top luxury brand Chanel Boy Chanel introduced new handbags, sought after by everyone. Boy Chanel handbag latest collection continues the previous low-key gorgeous Chanel belongs Chanel Cruise series. Handbag lambskin fabric, soft and glossy. Metal chain with leather intertwined, triggering legendary Chanel infinite desire. Double C Logo of the lock button located on the center of the package, highlighting the hand wrapped in metallic taste. Designer launched gold, silver, and red colors, gold stylish, gray atmosphere stable, warm red, fashion people can choose their favorite color. Handbag clean lines throughout, compact design, low-key and reserved temperament boy style slightly.




 Boy Chanel boldly show its maverick side; while at the same time, it also inherited the essence of the brand. • Karl Lagerfeld (Karl Lagerfeld) for such “boy-style charm” made a new interpretation: “Chanel used men lining cloth for dress, she has a pretty boy inside reckless attitude So in fact, it is. quite a spirit of Chanel. Chanel boy Capel get rich full of the love of her life, it is easy to explain why the boy Chanel Chanel bag boy named boy! “



Boy Chanel introduced Chanel luxury new handbags




Boy Chanel introduced Chanel luxury new handbags

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Great clean! Giada spring and summer handbags series

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Giada2015 spring and summer handbags soul Muse is an urban fantasy family: her extraordinary taste, my mind filled with the vision of the good things, living in downtown but continue to pursue pure and free spirit. 2015 spring and summer leather products, leather goods designer invited by the Giada Eduardo Wong-Valle custom design, after chest legend traditional Italian leather craft elaborate, to create a smooth lines and full of imaginative structures.




Giada 2015 spring and summer series handbag

Giada 2015 spring and summer handbags series of delightful colors, but also the summer to clean. Pale pinkish pastel pink and bright yellow sunflowers side by side, crescent gray convergence edge but quietly exudes elegance.




Giada 2015 spring and summer series handbag

The new geometry doctrine leather, front bag big pocket design clean lines, succinct and soft. Giada never pursued gorgeous, but through the simple graphics to express the beauty of simplicity Zhizhirenxin.




Giada 2015 spring and summer series handbag

Triangle concerto, with very futuristic design as the fulcrum of the triangle.




Giada 2015 spring and summer series handbag

Side package type is an isosceles triangle outline, and bag designs are isosceles and equilateral triangles combination in between balanced and unbalanced, prepare a mysterious sense of transformation.




Giada 2015 spring and summer series handbag



Giada 2015 spring and summer series handbag




Giada 2015 spring and summer series handbag


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