8 Fashion Websites to Shop for Affordable Sunglasses

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Everyone knows that accessories can totally make or break your outfit, and sunglasses are one of those absolute must-haves. From retro cat eyes to modern rectangular frames, we love our shades. But what if you are looking for a pair on a budget? Don’t worry, we rounded up eight online retailers where you can find sunglasses on the cheap. Check out fashion sites where you can buy sunglasses for under $20 below.


ASOS Oversized 70s Sunglasses $17.11

ASOS Oversized 70s Sunglasses 

UK-based retailer ASOS is a one-stop shop for affordable clothing items and accessories. You can find sunglasses for as little as $14.00 and as high as $300.00 and above. Did we also mention their frequent sales? You can shop their selection of sunglasses on ASOS.com.


Forever 21 Round Sunglasses with Abstract Pattern $5.90

Forever 21 Round Sunglasses with Abstract Pattern

America’s largest independent fashion retailer Forever 21 is well-known for its affordable and stylish wares. Inspired by the current fashion trends, Forever 21 offers a diverse range of shades perfect for the girl on a budge. You can find their selection of cheap sunglasses on Forever21.com.


Boohoo Retro Oversized Sunglasses $14.00

Boohoo Retro Oversized Sunglasses

Based in England, Boohoo offers a variety of affordable accessories including sunglasses. Boohoo is one of the fastest growing online retailers and for good reason. Its cutting edge designs are fashionable but won’t hurt your purse strings. You can buy cheap sunglasses on Boohoo.com.


Free People Round Twiggy Sunglasses $28.00

Free People Round Twiggy Sunglasses 

Known for its selection of bohemian leaning clothing and accessories, Free People is another online retailer with affordable sunglasses. FP is for a free-spirited girl or someone who is not afraid to change up their look. Sunglasses range from as little as $18 and up to $200 and more. See their selection of sunglasses onFreePeople.com.


H&M Aviator Sunglasses $7.99

H&M Aviator Sunglasses

Swedish fashion brand H&M is known for providing trendy fashion for less. In addition to their great clothes, they also have amazing accessories. Their sunglasses range from as low as $7.99 and go up to $29.99. See their selection of sunglasses on HM.com.


Nasty Gal Cass Marble Sunglasses $20.00

Nasty Gal Cass Marble Sunglasses

Don’t let the cheeky name fool you. Nasty Gal has some seriously good accessories. Their sunglasses range from classic aviator styles to out of this world shapes. Priced between $14.00 and $60.00, who says that cutting-edge fashion has to be super expensive? Check out their selection of sunglasses on NastyGal.com.


Uniqlo Women Squared Sunglasses $14.90

Uniqlo Women Squared Sunglasses

Japan-based Uniqlo has been making a splash in the US since 2005. Their minimal yet stylish aesthetic brings an Eastern sense to accessories with sunglasses included. As of now, all of Uniqlo’s sunglasses are priced at $14.90. Discover their selection of sunglasses on Uniqlo.com.


Urban Outfitters Colorfade Cat Eye Sunglasses $16.00

Urban Outfitters Colorfade Cat Eye Sunglasses

For those with more eclectic tastes, Urban Outfitters has a great range of sunglasses. From heart-shaped glasses to cat-eyes and aviators, UO is perfect for those who want to add some personality to their outfit. Check out affordable sunglasses at Urbanoutfitters.com.

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Shop Oakley Enduro Sunglasses Match Your Louis Vuitton Pallas Handbags

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There is not a perfect Spring travel if you don’t have a great sunglasses when you have a trip. Shaun White’s achievements are too many to mention here. And the Oakley Shaun White Spring Sunglasses in colorful which perfect in the Spring season. Shaun White worked closely with Oakley to produce two sunglasses as part of his signature collection and now there is a third model – Oakley Enduro sunglasses, which perfect match with Louis Vuitton Monogram Pallas Bag when you have a travel.

Look at the pic, we will find new Oakley Enduro Sunglasses 2014 built with a lightweight O Matter frame, the vintage-inspired silhouette features smooth, rounded curves, available in both solid colors or tortoise patterns. And the New LV Monogram Pallas Bag which also the one of most popular handbags from last year to this year. This new handbags is a tote bag in Monogram Canvas with toron handles which plus an adjustable and removable strap with double zip closure. There are available four colors for sale at our site for free shipping!

Louis Vuitton Aurore Monogram Pallas Bag

Louis Vuitton M40908 Monogram Pallas For Sale
Material: Monogram canvas
Fuction: Shoulder Bags And Totes
Color: Quetsche,Aurore,Havane,Safran
Size: 13.4 x 10.2 x 4.7 Inches
Price: $230.99

Louis Vuitton Pallas Aurore

Oakely Enduro Newest Addition To Shaun White collection

Oakely Enduro Newest Addition To Shaun White collection

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2014 Spring/Summer Supreme Sunglasses Fashion Trend

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At the upcoming Spring time, we take a view of the latest fashion sunglasses design. This is our first time take a view of the Supreme sunglasses since it introduced in its own in-house line of sunglasses four years ago, the brand’s sunnies are included as part of the seasonal preview.

Look at those new sunglasses 2014 Spring/Summer collection, we will find four different bright colors with fashion design. In the collection, those Supreme sunglasses well made in good quality, and there is the Wellington, handmade in Japan and available with clip-on lenses, the Tunnel, handcrafted in Japan and representing the only metallic frames included in the mix. Louis Vuitton sunglasses also well made in luxury materials with fashion model which very popular among people. Now, visit our site for more accessories in the upcoming Spring time. 


2014 Supreme Sunglasses Collection

2014 Supreme Sunglasses Collection

Supreme Sunglasses 2014 Spring Summer Collection

Supreme Sunglasses 2014 Spring Summer Collection

2014 Spring Summer Supreme Sunglasses

2014 Spring Summer Supreme Sunglasses

2014 Spring Supreme Sunglasses

2014 Spring Supreme Sunglasses

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Nothing Good About It

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Your first warning with a site like this should be the ridiculous price. ‘Ridiculous’ when it comes to price usually refers to an outrageously high number. In this case it`s way too low! If someone tells you they`re going to sell you a high quality replica handbag for $21 you might as well ask if they`ll throw in a stolen car for another fifty bucks. Good china handbags.com may be honest about the value of their bags, but that doesn`t change the fact that they`re useless.


The quality is in perfect balance with the price – terrible, absolutely terrible. I didn`t expect much. In fact I expected a disaster and, well, that`s what I got. I bought a laughable Coach Madison Tote, which is a lovely bag in reality, and I`ve been on the hunt for one for a while. When I found one here for 21 dollars I nearly fell over, and for the sake of the review went ahead with it.

The logo was upside down! How in the world? The poor guy in the factory must have glued a thousand of these on that day, and well, got dizzy!

The canvas is really cheap, the leather feels like vinyl bus seats, the zipper was bent and flimsy, the interior is hideous, and with an upside down logo and a crappy signature Coach pattern, there`s not much to redeem this bag.


To be honest, who really cares? If all the bags are $21, that means they`re worth, what? $5? Do you really care if there are 10 or 5000 bags that are worth $5? Not a single one is going to be worth buying, unless you`re hoping to have a costume party! For what it`s worth, they have pretty much all the possible types of product that you can get in replica, from bags to clothes, shoes, watches, jewelry and wallets.


Shipping came from China in a very strange and mysterious package. It took two weeks and looked rather disheveled upon arrival. As for their shipping policy, there isn`t one! There is no text whatsoever on the site. You`re completely in the dark!

Return Policy

There isn`t one! Now that`s unheard of. On the site there is no declared return policy, which if the bags weren`t only $21 would completely rule out any purchase. It`s not like you`re taking a big risk…When I called and asked the poor guy had terrible English, and he seemed to suggest that yes, you could return a damaged bag, but how, he couldn`t explain. He told me to email.

Site Usability

The pictures of the bags are too small, and there`s only one picture for each bag, which makes it awful difficult to get any real sense of them. The layout of the site is fine, but the utter lack of information, either in terms of the features of the bags, or the return and shipping policies is unforgivable.


They meant well, I assume…but that`s not good enough. The staff was an absolute headache to get a hold of and they barely understood anything I was saying. I am honestly not the kind of person that feels it`s ok to slack someone simply because they`re not a native English speaker, but when it comes to customer service world wide, it`s absolutely essential that you be able to communicate. If you`re going to receive credit card payments especially, it`s not a question.

My Humble Conclusion

The only reason I`d see someone wanting to buy one of these bags is if they were having a costume party and everyone wanted to dress like a candy store version of a fashionista. You could get all decked out in the clothes, watches, handbags, wallets, shoes, sunglasses, head to toe in terrible quality replica and have a great time. If you plan on taking your purchase seriously, stay way the heck away from here.

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